Backyard Wiffle Ball: Your Guide to the Classic Game

Are you ready to step up to the plate and unleash your inner backyard baseball superstar? Look no further than the beloved game of wiffle ball! Backyard ball is a fun game for ball players of all ages, whether you’re experienced or new to the game. In this post, we’ll dive into the rules, tips, and tricks to help you become a wiffle ball pro in no time.

What is Wiffle Ball?

Wiffle ball is a scaled-down version of baseball, played with a lightweight, perforated plastic ball and a plastic bat. People typically play the game in a backyard or any open field, but I have also played in gyms and parking lots. Anyone who has some space and enjoys the game can play!

Backyard Games Guide to Wiffle Ball


  • Ball: Wiffle balls are lightweight, perforated plastic balls that are essential for pitching and batting.
  • Wiffle Ball Bat: The standard bat is a 32″ yellow bat that is thinner than the average baseball bat. Shorter thicker bats are also popular to help make hitting the ball easier. You can find a full wiffle ball set here.
Backyard Wiffle Ball: Your Guide to the Classic Game 1
  • Field Markers: You can use anything from cones to shoes to mark the bases and foul line.
  • Strike Zone: The strike zone is not as strictly defined as it is in traditional baseball. However, players often establish a strike zone to add structure and fairness to the game.
  • Wiffle ball strike zone dimensions are often proportional to the length of the bat, typically ranging around 20 inches wide. The length of the strike zone typically is from the batters armpits to their knees. You can purchase an official wiffle ball strike zone on Amazon here!
  • The American Wiffle Association (AWA) provides the official wiffle ball field dimensions in the picture below. A full list of AWA wiffle ball rules can be found here.
Dimensions of a Wiffle Ball Field

Wiffle Ball Rules

  1. The pitcher stands near the batter and throws the ball towards the batter. Standard baseball rules are used for balls and strikes. Four balls is a walk and three strikes is out.
  2. Base Running: When the batter hits the ball, they try to run to the bases before the defense can throw them out. The defense can tag the runner with the ball or force them out at a base.
  3. Fielding: The defensive team attempts to field the ball and prevent the opposing team from scoring runs. This includes catching fly balls, fielding grounders, and making accurate throws to tag out runners or force them out at a base.
  4. Scoring: Runs are earned when a player goes around all the bases and gets back to home plate. The team with the most points wins the game.

Tips for Success:

  • Master the Pitch: Experiment with different pitching styles and grips to keep batters guessing. Since the balls have holes, players can manipulate wiffle ball pitches to create crazy curves and movement. Check out this great MLW Wiffle Ball video on pitching!
  • Work on Your Swing: Develop a smooth, controlled swing that generates power and accuracy. Focus on making contact with the ball and driving it towards open areas of the field. To really master the swing you can purchase a wiffle ball pitching machine here!
  • Have Fun: Above all, remember the game meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Embrace the playful spirit of the game and celebrate both your successes and your mishaps.

When you are done with the game you can use the bat for Dizzy Bat! One of our top 15 Outdoor Drinking Games!

Gather your friends, set up your backyard diamond, and get ready to experience an all time classic. Whether you’re a backyard rookie or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy in the world of wiffle ball. Search through our list of 63 outdoor games to keep the fun going after the game!

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