An Essential List Of Baby Must-Haves (And Don’t-Needs)


By Shopping Smart You Will Have All The Necessary Items Needed For The Baby As Well As Save Some Money

When it comes to buying necessities for your baby there are many must-haves that will help you to take care of the baby better as well as those items that you do not need to spend your money on. If you go to a baby store, the staff will definitely guide you towards buying one of every item from the store. After all, they are merely doing their job. However, by being smart and having a checklist, you can ensure that you only buy those items that you will need. Below is a list that will help you in making your job as a parent easier.

Nursery Furniture

There are a few necessities that you will need for the nursery. They may be:

– A crib or a co-sleeper. Babies need to have their own bed to be able to sleep comfortably and safely. You will also need to get a soft mattress for them.

– A baby smart audio collection will help you to do your chores or rest in other parts of the house while the baby is in the nursery.

– A changing table will help when you need to change the clothes or diapers of the baby.

– To keep the temperature and atmosphere in the nursery safe, invest in a humidifier or vaporizer depending on the weather in the place you live in.

What you can avoid is investing in any second crib or mattress no matter how tall the promises of it being clean are. In fact, when it comes to doing anything with the baby nursery, refrain from buying anything that has been used previously for hygiene purposes.

Feeding Items

For feeding your newborn baby invest in 8 to 10 feeding bottles along with newborn nipples so your baby can be fed in a comfortable manner. Invest in a bottle cleaning brush, dishwasher bucket specific for the baby feeding gear, and also a separate drying rack for all the items. Once you start the formula for your baby you will need to get cotton bibs and burp cloths. An insulated cooler carrier will be extra helpful. You can also buy a dry formula dispenser so you do not have to measure it every time. For breastfeeding, you will need nursing bras and a nursing pillow. Keep at least 2 to 3 boxes of nursing pads handy all the time. 

Diaper Changing Necessities

Always keep a stock of newborn diapers and then change the size as they grow. Overlooking this can sometimes lead to emergencies wherein you will realize that you do not even have a single spare diaper. This is something that your baby will be needing and using every day so keeping stock of the same is not going to lead to any wastage. Keep a stash of baby wipes in different places as they can be used for many purposes. A diaper rash ointment for the bay will be helpful when they do develop one as it gives instant relief. You will also need a diaper trash can with a lid on it. 


Baby Proofing Gear

You will have to use a lot of baby-proofing gear, especially after the first four months since the baby is born. This is when they will start to crawl and they can lead themselves into many risks and hazards if the area is not baby-proofed. Some baby proofing essentials are:

– You will need to add gates on the top and bottom of the stairs if you have them in your house.

– The cabinets and drawers should have latches.

– All electrical outlets must be covered properly and should be out of reach from the baby as much as possible.

– Toilet blocks and corner guards for sharp corners and tables are important to keep the baby safe. 

Bath and Grooming Items

The necessities that are included in the bathing and grooming of a child start with hooded towels. Get a set of at least two towels so you can wash one while using the other. You will need washcloths and an infant tub for them to bathe the baby in. A bath seat will be very helpful once they are 6 months old. As for the bathing items, you will need a baby wash, shampoo, and a comb/brush set. You will need nail clippers that are suitable for babies and these should not be used by adults at times. All baby items must strictly be used for the baby only.

As the baby grows, their needs will change. So instead of hoarding for a long time, you can take it slowly and shop for the next six months as your baby grows. 

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