Started by Nadine and Fraser, Backyard.Games hatched from a simple love for the outdoors and a good game. Our journey began when we moved into our home with a backyard.

Over time, we discovered the joy and relaxation that backyard games brought to our lives amidst our otherwise hectic daily schedules.

Our blog is an honest endeavor to showcase easy, fun, and engaging games that anyone can enjoy in their backyard, regardless of its size. Through this platform, we share our experiences, game reviews, and tips on making the most out of your outdoor space.

We believe in the power of a good game to bring people together, create laughter, and build lasting memories.

Our mission is to encourage more people to step outside, enjoy the fresh air, and engage in friendly competition. We hope that through our blog, we can inspire others to appreciate the simple, playful, and rewarding pleasure of backyard games.

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