It wasn’t until we spent a whole summer playing realizing that our funnest moments were playing Backyard Games.  Whether that was at a BBQ, taking the fun to the park for a picnic, having a beach day or going camping.  All those activities in themselves are always guaranteed to be a fun time.  However we realized what kicked our excitement up a notch by the games that we found ourself playing with family and friends throughout the summer.  At backyard BBQ’s with the family we were playing Cornhole. At annual camping trips with friends we were playing volleyball and Ladderball. During picnics at the park we were rallies Spikeball tournaments.  We even would bring some of these games when on mountain camping hikes to play at the top.

About Backyard Games and the people behind it

We are not sports people, sports and games are not normally at the top of mind.  We are computer nerds who love the outdoors.  So when we found ourself really enjoying the backyard games we thought it was time to invest in our own backyard games treasure chest.  When we tried to find some of these fun games that our friends had in retails stores near us, we were surprised at the limited availability.  Many of the games that we had been played with were not sold in stores or had sold out.  Then we discovered Spikeball.  Full disclaimer, Spikeball has become our favorite game and we seriously can’t get enough. We have hosted so many fun BBQ’s with lines of our friends wanting to play Spikeball.  As Spikeball is a relatively new game, we could only find Spikeball available online. We have gone through many a summers without these backyard games and not knowing that these kind of games existed or where to buy them.  Except for the classics like bocce and croquet of course. So Backyard Games has come to be.  As a central hub to discover the top rated and new backyard games.  Not only games on the market but also where you can buy them from.  We also plan to extend into a source for Backyard Enthusiasts and bring you information on diy projects, BBQ recipes, swings, playgrounds, backyard fire pits and much more. Thanks for reading about Backyard Games and see you in the Backyard J

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