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Ultimate List of 68+ Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

We love Backyard Games!  Everything Backyard Games here.
Outdoor Drinking Games

Drinking Games

Getting your Drink on this Summer? Kick up the fun here.
Outdoor Kids Games

Outdoor Kids Games

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Board & Card Games

Outdoor fun for after the sun sets or during the winter.

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The Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

To ensure maximum fun this Summer, we have put have extensively researched the best games to bring to your Backyard and created the Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List.  This was no easy task. Sure there is the typical cornhole, bean bag toss, catch but then what else? Our complete Outdoor Games List outlines games for all ages and all games skill levels to have a roaring good time.  Includes an overview of what the game is about, how many people can play and basic instructions.  This list of games is sure to get you exercising, moving and interacting with family and friends. Keep reading the Outdoor Games List.

Top 5 Best Backyard Games

Our website couldn’t be called Backyard Games if we didn’t have our favorite games.  Our favorite Backyard Games include some old classic outdoor games and some new games. This summer, your neighbors will want to know what happened when there are endless game cheers and laughter filling your backyard all Summer long.  The best backyard games can be a wonderful addition to any BBQ, kids play dates, beach day, or just a fun picnic at the park.  After you get the first game going,  it will be hard to break for dinner.  Without any further ado, read the Best Backyard Games.

Top 5 Best Backyard Games

After the summer night sets play some card games by your firepit or while camping.  No sense sitting around talking about the weather.  You can be playing fun and strategic board and card games for adults like Catch Phrase, Dirty Minds, Taboo, Smart Ass, and more!  Read the full list of 20+ Board and Card Games for Adults.

21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer

Are you hosting a BBQ this summer, looking for games for couples, taking a group of kids on a play date or looking for a new game idea to have on hand?  We have put together a full list of the 21 Best Outdoor Games for 4 people to play this Summer. This list doesn’t just include the standard Cornhole and Ladderball, it does include them, but so many more creative games to try.  We included toss games, lawn games, and sports games. Your next party will not be boring with these games for 4 people.

21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer
Beach days are no longer about soaking up those harmful sun rays but slap on some sunscreen and get active with some awesome Beach Games.  We put together a list of outdoor games that are portable and good for groups that are ideal to take to the beach.  Read more of Beach Games for Adults or Beach Games for Kids here.
21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer
If you think throwing a Frisbee back and fourth is fun, wait until you play these Frisbee games. By implementing some of these creative games with most of them only using a Frisbee will save you money.  It’s like getting a bunch of new games with just a little creativity. A few of these Frisbee games include Bocee Toss, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Tennis, and KanJam.  Read the full Frisbee Games List list here.
Fun Outdoor Drinking Games

Add a flare to the classic Backyard Games by adding a little alcohol to the mix to adapt classic games to drinking games and create new outdoor drinking games.  Disclaimer: you must be legal drinking age to play these games.  Second disclaimer, if you loose more than 3 rounds you might want to reconsider your participation.  Outdoor Drinking Games can be a fun afternoon game to play with friends or a game to break out after the sun has set and the night needs a kick up before everyone falls asleep at the campfire.  We are not talking about the regular games of Cornhole or Bocce, but have put together a complete list of 15 fun Outdoor Drinking Games you can try this Summer. Read the Outdoor Drinking Games List.

21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer
The Best Frisbee Drinking Games for 2 players or couples! Beersbee, KanJam, Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe, There are a lot of other frisbee games you can play besides just playing catch with a partner. A few of our favourites include Beersbee, KanJam, Frisbee, and several more. All games require drink in hand! Lighten up the mood at your next event with a flying disc and one of our favorite frisbee drinking games.   Read the Frisbee Drinking Games List.
21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer
Whether your a kid, a big kid or an adult, a swimming pool is so much more than just simply floating around in.  It’s a place to spend time with your friends and family and play some games.  Enjoy being outside in the hot heat of summer but cool in the pool at the same time.  Come play with 20+ fun swimming pool toys and games for grown ups.  Or browse through the swimming pool toys and games for kids.
21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer
These Outdoor Games are so good your kids will not need any motivation to turn off their electronic devices and to play outside. The games list is designed for children age 5-14 but are so much fun you will want to turn them into a family game. Best part is many of the games have mini versions with different rules designed for shorter attention spans. Time for kids to be kids again and take back their backyards! Get the Backyard Games for Kids List.
21 Outdoor Games for 4 People to Play this Summer
There’s nothing more fulfilling then throwing the ultimate birthday party for your kids.  Both for the enjoyment of the kids and adults.  Here’s our list of 50 kids birthday party games that you can play in a group for your kids Birthday Party that is sure to make this party super memorable for all.  Explore the Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas
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Outdoor Game Enthusiasts!

Are you searching for the best Backyard Games? Look no further. We have played all the best outdoor lawn toss games that we could find and compiled the best lists for you. From strategic lawn toss games to action packed drinking games, we believe nothing is better then playing a good Backyard Game with friends!

In true spirit for our outdoor game enthusiasts our commitment to the website is to only recommend outdoor games that we play personally. Cost saving tip: not sure how you can afford all these outdoor games?  Try the 4-in-1 combo games to enjoy playing lots of games while going easy on your wallet.

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Games Enthusiasts. Entrepreneurs who spend their summers having fun playing Backyard games and now spreading the outdoor game love with this passion project.  It wasn’t until we spent a whole summer playing realizing that our funnest moments were playing Backyard Games.  Whether that was at a BBQ, taking the fun to the park for a picnic, having a beach game day or getting outdoor with camping games.  All those activities in themselves are always guaranteed to be a fun time.  However we realized what kicked our excitement up a notch by the outdoor games that we found ourself playing with family and friends throughout the summer.

We created Backyard Games as a central hub to discover the Top rated and new backyard games.  Not only games on the market but also where you can buy them from.  Read about Backyard Games about us and thanks for checking us out.

Backyard Games

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